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Working Class The TV Show

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The show “Working Class” is designed to bring attention to the epidemic trades shortage, and the importance of the trades in our society. We were all told to go to college and get a good job, like somehow the trades became "less than" jobs. These trades people are highly trained, technical, and skilled professionals that should be celebrated.

So now we find ourselves in a society of managers with no one to manage. When I say we need to "Make the Trades Cool Again", understand that they were always cool... We just got away from the pride that comes from building cool things with our hands. I invite you to join me on this journey.


If you rely on the skilled trades to help operate your business, then Working Class is working for you to help promote the skilled trades to our next generation work force.

Use these videos in your homes, classrooms, and anywhere young people can see them to help show that a career in the skilled trades is a great career option.

Working Class with Nick Kasik


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