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Working Class started out as a TV show to help bring about awareness of the epidemic skilled trades shortage. It has since evolved into a campaign, helping countless young people start careers as skilled trade professionals.


We host a TV show illustrating interesting skilled trades careers, offer a book titled "Working Class" discussing the skilled trades gap and how to overcome it, help guide young people to the skilled trades, offer speaking engagements, and many more things that help promote the skilled trades.

The trades are essential workers

The trades keep the economy running

Developing a trade is just as important as a college degree

Introduce young people age 16-28 to viable career paths outside of the traditional college path.

For society to look at skilled trades careers equally to 4-year college graduate careers


Let's Make The Trades Cool Again

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Funds are used for the Following:


  • Give 10,000 “Working Class” books to high school kids

  • Film 12 episodes of the TV show “Working Class” streaming free for classroom use

  • Speak to 1,000 high school age kids about the trades (50% women & minority)

 If you rely on the skilled trades to help operate your business, then Working Class can use your help promoting the skilled trades to our next generation work force.

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