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Now The Working Class Gets To Pay For College Degrees

Here at Working Class, we work very hard to stay away from anything political. But this sends a clear message to the backbone Working Class of America, that those who went the trade route, went to vocational school, or simply paid your way through college are clearly seen as "less than" in the eyes of the elite...

Those of us who had the vision to enter a career path that had opportunities, and a future... Those of us that paid our own way for trade school, vocational training, tools of the trade, safety gear, work boots, or equipment to do our jobs... Well in the eyes of some, you are not as important as those who went to college.

This should be a rally call to everyone who rejects the condescending disregard for us in the skilled trades. This should be the last straw for the Working Class. This should be the straw that breaks the camel's back and brings awareness to the epidemic skilled trades gap.

Why, you ask? Because the trades people who people who paid their own way, and the college graduates that paid their debts off, are now the ones who will pay for those who didn't.

Working Class is a foundation that prides itself on rewarding people who choose to forego an expensive and risky college education in favor of a rewarding in demand career in the skilled trades. This helps no one, as it simply transfers billions of dollars of debt from the white collar class to the blue collar class.

I'm not angry... Just very frustrated... And you should be too. Don't let this go unchecked, because it is an attack on everything you, as skilled tradespeople, have modeled your life after. It is an attack on self-reliance, personal accountability, making good choices, and the character of this country.

Here at Working Class we are Making the Trades Cool Again.

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